Philosophy and Values

JGI’s successful development as a reliable partner during more than 50 years is a story of People. Our biggest asset is indeed our People. A lot of our employees and workers have been working for the company for a very long period which clearly results from the friendly working atmosphere and mutual personal respect that we strive to maintain in our daily working life.

Furthermore, we put a very special emphasis on the Safety of our workers in our Hydrometal plant.

We are a Reliable partner for our clients and suppliers. We have many long-term relationships based on mutual trust with our partners, which underlines our seriousness, openness, availability, flexibility and competence.

We are very concerned by the evolution and Protection of the natural biosphere. Our hydrometallurgical processes consume very little energy and produce very few quantities of CO2. We give a second life to a wide range of non-ferrous metals thus contributing to preserve the World’s Environment  and resources.

Finally, we are a family-minded company whose philosophy and spirit is to develop long-term industrial and commercial projects and relationships which can benefit all involved parties. We are thankful to our shareholders who fully share and support this philosophy.