As you can read from our Processes, we do not have many limitations in terms of complexity and nature of the materials that we can treat. We are very happy to discuss technical solutions with you in order to support you in recycling any material that you need treatment for. 

Sampling and Quality Control

Our two laboratories are very well equipped with the most modern equipment and provide analysis for the settlement of many of our recycling contracts. Our laboratories contain 2 ICP (Inductively Complex Platform) analyzers, 3 atomic absorption machines (AA), 1 x-ray fluorescence (XRF), titration equipment, 2 disc mills, turning machine, turbula mixer, sieving equipment etc. for sample preparation. 

Research and Development

Year after year, we invest significant amounts of resources in R&D.
We are investigating new recycling processes, e.g. pyro-metallurgic treatments, new treatments based on ammonia for very specific materials, bioleaching for different residues containing Cu, etc.


We are also having various consultancy and advisory missions for clients and suppliers around the globe, mainly in Central and North America, as well as Asia. We are advising clients and suppliers on recycling ideas and treatments, as well as plant development, management and construction. 

For more information on the above topics, please contact Hydrometal.