We run a wide range of processes like solvent extraction, selective solution treatment, electrolysis, extraction by ion-exchange resin, electro-refining, purification and concentration by precipitation and /or cementation, etc… We are focusing on maintaining low levels of energy consumption in the operation of the above-mentioned processes.

As a few examples, we are regularly making the following treatments in our different plant units:

  • the industrial production of ferrous and non ferrous sulphates;
  • the recycling and valorization of materials containing Pb-Sn-In;
  • the treatment of complex solutions containing Cu and Precious Metals;
  • the treatment of materials containing Re;
  • the treatment of any material containing Zn;
  • the treatment of various materials containing Rare Earths (RE) to produce RE nitrates;
  • the production of Ca molybdate from various Mo containing catalysts, wastes and residues;
  • and many others.

Alongside the above treatments, we are washing large quantities of Wälz oxides (to remove halides) and are producing high grade purity Tin (99.99% and 99.999% purity). Our preferred 99.999% Tin brand is the lowest impurity Tin commercially available in the world. 

We are also a major recycler of reagents originated from batteries production.

We have acquired a major position in the recycling of Minor Metals as the following examples illustrate :

  • Cobalt from the treatment of large quantities of cement coming from the Zinc electrolysis;
  • Tellurium recovered by electrolysis from anodic slimes from Copper refineries;
  • Germanium by solvent extraction;
  • Indium by electrolysis;
  • Molybdenum per alkaline leaching and precipitation;
  • and many others.

These processes and treatment are performed successfully on a daily basis thanks to the experience and expertise of our workers and engineers at Hydrometal.