At JGI we are active in the trading of complex materials containing non-ferrous metals which are difficult to process and recycle. The vast majority of the raw materials we purchase, recycle and sell are qualified as wastes under international movement regulations. Moving these materials from one country to another requires full compliance with all the regulations which makes our business even more complex in all aspects. Hence, we have a thorough experience in all the administration processes (waste legislations, notifications, transportation documents, letters of credit …) linked to the heavily regulated transport of hazardous materials.

Dealing with all those complexities is clearly the core of our business and expertise.

We buy, sell and recycle a wide number of materials. We are also developing a commercial approach based on flexibility in terms of recycling, transport, quality of services and mutual trust with our customers and suppliers.

Over time, we have built strong partnerships around the world. Nowadays, JGI buys and sells materials in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Our offices in China and Thailand allow us to be present in Asia.

We anticipate some of the trends in our non-ferrous metals’ sector and we are very open and flexible in our commercial approach.