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Hydrometal S.A.
Zoning Industriel d'Ehein
B-4480 Engis

Our skills on this entity

Research & Development Department

Innovation is key to our business. Our laboratory is constantly innovating thanks to tailor-made processes and projects for our customers. Our historical processes are subject to continuous improvement. We are continuously improving our processes to limit our impact on the environment and increase the possibilities of recovering the materials entrusted to us.

Management of environmental, safety and quality risks

Respect for the environment and the safety of our employees is the core preoccupation of our corporate culture and captures all our attention.

Handling & storage capacity

We provide adapted, tailor-made logistics solutions, in a true partner approach.

Chemical and technical expertise

Tell us about your challenges, we look forward to working on them and meeting them to achieve a long-term partnership!

Our processes on this site


The HYDROMETAL site is equipped with various industrial infrastructures allowing the implementation of wet chemical processes for the treatment and purification of metals, a.k.a hydrometallurgy. More specifically, our hydrometallurgical industrial expertise is focused on the treatment of:

  • Selective dissolution or leaching
  • Purification and concentration by selective precipitation and/or cementation
  • Electrolysis and electro-refining
  • Extraction by ion exchange resin

Thanks to the flexibility and robustness of our equipment, we can adapt our installations and the processes involved specifically to our customer’s needs.

Agility, listening to customers’ needs and know-how are the pillars of our corporate culture.



ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 9001
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HYDROMETAL is a growing company, looking for new talents.
It offers a technically stimulating environment, especially through its R&D orientation, the creation of tailor-made processes and the continuous improvement of its processes.

A major player in the circular economy, HYDROMETAL allows each talent to be a player in solutions to environmental and global challenges.

By contributing every day to the recycling of materials, the reuse and optimization of resources consumption, HYDROMETAL offers jobs that have a positive and meaningful impact.

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