Why join us?

JGI-HYDROMETAL group is made up of nearly 200 employees. Every day, these players in the circular economy mobilize their skills and motivation to offer a valuable alternative to the technical landfilling of waste.

The women and the men of the JGI-HYDROMETAL Group contribute in an innovative way to the development of sustainable solutions and to a reduction in the consumption of natural resources.

Together, on a daily basis, we encourage team spirit, enthusiasm, and the desire to work in an inspiring environment.


Working at JGI-HYDROMETAL means joining a responsible company focused on sustainable development.

It also means putting your talents at the service of recycling.


Used resources efficiency

We aim to bring to the market the purest products and by-products, subject to strict quality controls, framed by standards and certifications of excellence. Our processes are subject to continuous improvement.

Alternative to landfill

By reprocessing waste, JGI-HYDROMETAL offers a valuable alternative to landfilling waste, which may contain critical substances for the development of a forward-looking European strategy.
In this way, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact of human activities and to the rationalization of resources.

Low CO2 emissions

The reprocessing of non-ferrous metals by hydrometallurgical means significantly reduces CO2 emissions from industry. It avoids the extraction and processing of minerals, which are extremely CO2-emitting and energy-intensive.
In addition, JGI-HYDROMETAL processes are subject to continuous improvement, particularly in terms of efficiency, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Join us!

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Anne Sophie Bonduelle