About us

The JGI-HYDROMETAL group is the ideal industrial partner in the creation and deployment of innovative and efficient solutions for non-ferrous metals recycling.

Backed by historical know-how and a strong R&D orientation, JGI-HYDROMETAL enables its partners to make significant gains in the areas of:

  • Non-ferrous metals recycling
  • Product life cycle
  • Raw materials
  • Secondary materials
  • Eco-responsibility

Particularly versatile and proactive, JGI-HYDROMETAL supports its international partners through unique processes, designed by its R&D department.

JGI-HYDROMETAL is above all:

A major player in the recycling industry for materials containing non-ferrous metals, as an alternative to landfilling waste.

A human-scale group, where each member finds his place, active all over the world.

A proactive corporate culture seeking innovative solutions in an evolving and competitive environment.

Rare know-how in the separation of non-ferrous metals, following high standards in terms of Health and Environment.

Our mission

JGI-HYDROMETAL’s mission is to provide innovative recycling solutions for the recovery of non-ferrous metals in order to allow a sustainable use of natural resources.
Our group relies on its expertise to create added value from secondary materials from industrial processes and actively contribute to the circular economy.
Our activities strictly respect the safety, well-being of our employees and environmental standards, meeting the highest quality standards in the industry.

Our vision

Our ambition is to consolidate our group as a major actor in the circular economy in non-ferrous metals recycling. We want to be a trusted partner for our customers and suppliers, offering adapted, creative, and efficient solutions for a responsible and sustainable development.


Our values

  • Cohesion: We strive for a common goal in a constructive and united mindset by developing talents and collective intelligence.
  • Ethics: We ensure compliance with regulations throughout the supply chain.
  • Continuous improvement: We encourage initiatives and innovation and continuously look for ever more efficient solutions.
  • Collaboration: We value cooperation, as well as mutual respect with our various interlocutors and between collaborators.
  • Well-being: We promote a positive and caring attitude in our work.
  • Partnership: We encourage the development of long-term commercial relations complying with the requirements and serving our customers and suppliers.
  • Sustainable development: We advocate economic development based on social well-being and contribute to preserving natural resources through appropriate and modern techniques.
  • 1960: Mr. JEAN GOLDSCHMIDT launches trading operations under the banner of Cerro International Brussels
  • 1982: Creation of JEAN GOLDSCHMIDT INTERNATIONAL S.A. (“JGI”) in Brussels (B)
  • 1985: Creation of HYDROMETAL S.A. in Engis (B), a 100% subsidiary of JGI
  • 1985: Launch of the production of zinc sulphate (ZnSO4)
  • 1998: Launch of Tellurium electrolysis
  • 1991: Launch of the production of “low alpha” high purity tin
  • 1998: PRAYON S.A. purchases JGI-HYDROMETAL Group
  • 2001: Launch of germanium concentrate production
  • 2002: Consolidation of JGI-HYDROMETAL Group activities under the banner of SILOX S.A. (subsidiary of PRAYON S.A. and CYBELLE S.A.)
  • 2007: Launch of the production of molybdenum salts
  • 2010-2020: Opening of commercial sites, Thailand, China, Mexico, Poland, India, Brazil and South America
  • 2014: Launch of production of rare earth concentrates
  • 2020: Acquisition of HARZ METALL GmbH in an equal joint-venture with ZINC NACIONAL/GRUPO PROMAX and creation of HARZ OXID GmbH, in Goslar (D)
  • 2021: Start of production of PbSb and various Sn alloys at JGI THAILAND, Chachoengsao (TH)
  • 2022: Installation of a plasma furnace by the CRM on HYDROMETAL’s site
  • 2024: Start of production at HYDROMETAL FRANCE, Dunkirk (F)