High Purity Tin

The JGI-HYDROMETAL group serves the Tin (Sn) soldering industry, fulfilling the needs of critical applications in the semiconductor, information technology, and automotive sectors. With production facilities situated in Belgium and Thailand, the JGI-HYDROMETAL group offers the following electrochemically refined high-purity Sn (HPT) options: 

  • Sn with a minimum purity of 99.99% (4N),
  • Sn with a minimum purity of 99.995% (4N5) or 99.997% (4N7),
  • Sn with a minimum purity of 99.999% (5N),
  • Sn with a minimum purity of Sn 99.999% (5N) with low levels of alpha radiation

This “low alpha” feature in HPT is key to address the challenges of miniaturization in electronic appliances. 

The  High Purity Tin offered by the JGI-HYDROMETAL group is made using secondary raw materials, complies to numerous international regulations (e.g., RMI), and has a reduced carbon footprint thanks to the solar energy powering.