Not only. Our sites in Engis (BE) and Dunkirk (FR) are entirely dedicated to hydrometallurgy, while our sites in Thailand and Germany (Harz Oxyd) are dedicated to pyrometallurgy. We are supporting the development of a prototype pyrometallurgical pilot center within our site, which is managed by CRM.

Our core business is the recovery of non-ferrous metals contained in different types of materials: concentrates, co-products, by-products, slag, complex secondary materials, residues, flue dust, used catalysts, alloys, dross, waste, sludge, filter cakes… Our processes are adaptive, and our R&D department can work on a custom-made basis for our customers, based on preliminary studies and tests on pilot lines before industrialization. We have the capacity to reprocess all non-ferrous base metals, rare earths, precious metals and minor metals.

Our R&D department counts about 15 colleagues within an international team (6 nationalities). It is involved in several structural axes of our group:

  • Creation of custom-made processes for our customers: establishing preliminary studies, tests on pilot lines, adjustments and industrialization of processes phasing, in continuous link with the teams of client companies, in a customized partnership approach.
  • Continuous improvement of the company’s processes, to optimize each aspect of industrial production: energy consumption, time, processes, resources, reprocessing (…).
  • Participation in numerous pilot projects in national and international collaborations, which are part of the European approach for strategic and ethical supply of raw materials and rare earths, including the European strategy for critical raw materials.

JGI-HYDROMETAL is – at different levels – a major actor in circular economy. Firstly, by the direct recycling of materials and by-products from our customers, which after treatment return directly to the industrial production cycle of our customers. In the event of more complex reprocessing, the materials are sent by HYDROMETAL to refineries and foundries, to be reinjected into the industrial life cycle of client companies or be remarketed by JGI.
All the Group’s activities contribute to preserving the environment, both through the reprocessing of materials, the reduction of ultimate waste, the strict control of the impact of reprocessing and the reduction in the consumption of natural raw materials. Therefore, JGI-HYDROMETAL is a major player in the circular economy and the European strategic supply security plan.