Established in 1960.

In 1960,  Jean Goldschmidt sets up Cerro International Brussels (subsidiary of Cerro International New-York). His first mandate was to find European markets for non-ferrous metals and concentrates produced in Peru. In this context, he made an in-depth study of the entire non-ferrous metals European industry, visiting all the main plants and sites existing at the time.

Very quickly, he realizes that most of the plants generate residues containing non-ferrous metals in their various processes and for which no real outlet was planned. In the early 1960’s, the first contract for the treatment of a non-ferrous metal residue is signed. This is the starting point of the concept of “having existing residues treated by existing plants”.

In 1982, in the light of a flourishing commercial development, Jean Goldschmidt buys Cerro International Brussels and forms Jean Goldschmidt International s.a. (“JGI”). In 1985, due to the combination of a few favorable factors, Hydrometal s.a. was created on an available former Zinc production site in Engis. This is the start of a recycling adventure which, more than 30 years later, is today booming more than ever! HYDROMETAL is a 100% subsidiary of JGI.

In 1990, JGI sets up Metals & Residues n.v. (“M&R”) in the Netherlands, taking 77% ownership. Their activities are similar to those of JGI with some more emphasis on metal.

The purchase of the JGI Group by Prayon s.a. (a world leader in the chemistry of phosphates) in 1998 enables the Group to acquire a new technical dimension.

In 2002, JGI’s group was moved into SILOX s.a. (a subsidiary from Prayon s.a. and Belgian holding CYBELLE) which is specialized in the chemistry of sulphur and zinc in order to further explore and develop the different companies’ synergies.

In 2008, JGI takes a 35% share in RECUPAC S.A., a French company specialized in the fine-tuning of specific treatments for the recovery of metals. In order to further diversify our metal base, M&R buy Claushuis n.v. in 2009. This company is active in the recovery and refining of mercury as well as in the production of lead ballasts.

In 2011, JGI sells M&R Claushuis N.V.

In 2014, JGI sells its shares in RECUPAC S.A. and gets the license to operate the recycling of EAF dust to produce pigments.

In 2020, JGI sets up Harz Oxid GmbH in Germany, a 50/50 joint venture with Zinc Nacional S.A., in order to acquire the Zinc Recycling Business of Harz-Metall GmbH.  See our press release